Christopher Identifies Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences:
1. Verbal-Linguistic Skills
2. Logical Mathematical Skills
3. Musical Abilities
4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Awareness
5. Spatial Skills
6. Intrapersonal Abilities
7. Interpersonal Abilities
8. Naturalist Abilities
9. Spiritual/Existential Abilities

Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence is based upon patterns we find in different sets of skills. Gardner’s theory suggested there are nine areas of abilities to be considered when measuring a person’s intelligence including: verbal-linguistic skills, logical-mathematical skills, musical abilities, bodily-kinesthetic abilities, spatial skills, intrapersonal skills, interpersonal abilities, naturalist abilities and spiritual-existantial abilities. It is said that these domains are not dependent on one another; you can be well developed in one area and not the others. Figuring out which areas you are most developed in can be helpful in choosing a career by enabling you to identify which career path may be more, or less difficult for you. This can help in becoming a more successful student as well. For example, if a student has an intellectual strength in the domain of verbal-linguistic skills, he/she may do well in a history or composition course.

Students’ personality traits can contribute both positively and negatively to success in the classroom. It is always good to have a positive attitude when you arrive in the classroom. Enthusiasm and putting forth a strong effort every time you attend a class are positive behaviors that are essential to being a successful student. Procrastination, Sarcasm and the unwillingness to learn are a few personality traits that may set you up for failure.


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